Unati Co-op. Marketing-cum-Processing Society Ltd

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Gur a sweetness symbol of our great Indian tradition. Unati has reinvented this nutritionally rich traditional food “GUR” scientifically and culturally. Unati “ Gur” is manufactured with blend of traditional and scientific process which meets all national and international standards. Unati Gur is endowed with quality parameters like.
â€Â˘Free from chemical additives. â€Â˘Medicinal value conserved. â€Â˘Hygienically processed.

Tastes of Unati Gur
Plane Gur
Masala Gur

Plane: Sugarcane juice processed to jaggery.
Masala: Sugarcane juice processed to jaggery, Spices Blend, Mellon Seeds.
Available in 500 g pack