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Herbal Food Products

We bring forth a wide range of Herbal Food Products which is known for its health benefits. Our range of Herbal Food Products comprises Amla Candies, Amla Chutney, Amla In Honey, Amla Murabba, Amla Pickle, Amla Powder, Apple Murabba, Carrot Murabba, Harar Murabba, and Panch Tulsi Drops. These Herbal Food Products are processed under the supervision of the experts and are very delicious in taste as well.

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Amla Candies
We offer different types of Amla Candies including Chatpata Amla Candy and Sweet Amla Candy. Amla or Dhatrifalam is valued very high among Fruits and Medicinal Herbs because of its multi-benefits, but it could not be consumed fresh because of its pungent and non-palatable taste so most of us remain devoid of its multi-benefits. We have

Amla Chutney
Amla Chutney is s wonderful sweet and spicy recipe enriched with benefits of Amla. Its delicious taste with health benefits is loved by everyone. Taking Amla Chutney with meal effectively enhances the taste of meal and improves digestion. We manufacture quality amla chutney from wild naturally growing Amla having very high Vitamin C

Amla In Honey

Unati Amla In Honey is one of our unique products to give benefit of both Amla and Honey. According to Ayurveda taking Amla with honey increases the medicinal effects of amla multifold. This unique product is having Amla segments and shred preserved in honey. It is delicious, pure, nutritious and full of health. Our Amla Pure


Amla Murabba

Amla Murabba is well known food product of Amla. Most of the Amla Murabba available in the market does not have the claimed properties of amla because of its manufacturing process does not fulfill FSSAI specification. The traditional Murabba manufacturer treats amla fruit with chemicals for softening process, which destroys


Amla Pickle
Unati Amla Pickle is traditional recipes of India having Amla segments in salt, spices and mustard oil. We are counted among renowned Pickle Manufacturers suppliers in India. Our Amla Achar is very delicious to take with meals. Unati Amla Pickle is manufactured from best quality amla, spices and mustard oil.


Amla Powder
Our Amla Powder is prepared from naturally growing wild Amla. The organic Amla powder we prepare is very rich in vitamin C and effective for constipation, diabetes, and hypertension. One tea spoon consumed empty stomach or bed time with warm water or honey do wonders. Amla powder is 100 % natural, pure and free from any synthetic flavors.

Apple Murabba

We offer highly delicious Apple Murabba in the market. The Apple Murabba that we offer is made from fresh and nutritious apples. It is processed in the clean environment and thus has no contamination. Apple Murabba does not contain harmful preservatives thus is very safe to consume. Unati Apple Murabba is made from fresh apple


Carrot Murabba
Carrot Murabba also called GAJAR KA MURABBA is a Unani and ayurvedic medicine and Indian recipe used as an eye tonic and for the treatment of eye diseases and vision problems. It is also nutritious sweet preserve that is also beneficial for general debility, weakness, fatigue and mental stress. Jar with net contents

Harar Murabba

We present Harar Murabba high on demand in the market. Harar Murabba offered by us is manufactured using the best quality Harar available in the market. Our Harar Murabba is very appetizing and has several health benefits as well. No chemical additives are used in the Harar Murabba, so it is safe to consume.


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