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Carrot Murabba

We bring forth Carrot Murabba very popular for its health benefits. Carrot Murabba is delicious with high nutrition value. It is produced using fresh carrot which ensures superior quality of the Murabba. The Carrot Murabba is prepared without using chemical additives.

Nutritional Information Per 100 Gm

Carbohydrates 67.3 g
Energy 273 Kcal
Total Sugar 60.23%
Proteins 0.85 g
Fat 0.04g
beta carotene 334 mg
Calcium 58.72 mg
Iron 2.6 mg
  •  Approximate value 

Ingredients : Carrot Fruit 60 %, sugar syrup 40 %, Acidity regulator (E-330),

Contains permitted class II preservatives (E-211)