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Apple Murabba

We offer highly delicious Apple Murabba in the market. The Apple Murabba that we offer is made from fresh and nutritious apples. It is processed in the clean environment and thus has no contamination. Apple Murabba does not contain harmful preservatives thus is very safe to consume. Unati Apple Murabba is made from fresh apple fruit sourced from Kashmir and Chamba region of India. Unati Picks best quality fruit and process it in scientifically designed process to preserve the natural nutritional value of the fruit. Unati Apple Murabba is never treated with any harmful chemicals Llike Hydro (Rangkat) used in traditional manufacturing process. Our Murabba passes through stringent quality control process to make it free from yeast and mould, Chemical and pesticide residue.

Consumption of Apple Murabba is good for your heart.

Nutritional Information Per 100 Gm

Carbohydrates 65.79 g
Energy 264.1 Kcal
Total Sugar 63.40%
Proteins 0.20 g
Fat 0.02 g
Vitamin C 4.03 mg
Calcium 38.73 mg
Iron 1.70 mg
  • Approximate value

Ingredients : Apple Fruit 60 %, sugar syrup 40 %, Acidity regulator (E-330)

Contains permitted class II preservatives (E-211)