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Amla Murabba

Amla Murabba Manufacturers

Amla Murabba is well known food product of Amla. Most of the Amla Murabba available in the market does not have the claimed properties of amla because of its manufacturing process do not fulfill FSSAI specification. The traditional Murabba manufacturer treat amla fruit with chemicals for softening process, which destroys most of the valuable properties of Amla by reducing its vitamin C and tannins. Secondly they boil amla fruit in sugar syrup, which further reduces its nutrition value by harsh heat treatment. The UNATI amla Murabba is prepared with scientifically designed manufacturing process, where harsh treatments with harmful chemicals and syrup boiling are avoided. We preserve the natural properties of amla in our process of manufacturing.

UNATI Amla Murabba is prepared with high quality sugar with purity between 60-70 qumsa (a unit of measurement of sugar purity) and old syrup is never used at any stage of Murabba preparation, whereas in traditional Murabba preparation old syrup of apple and carrot Murabba is used which could be easily detected and compared with us by smelling of Murabba.

UNATI Amla Murabba is prepared strictly as per FSSAI standards. The Murabba is packed in syrup having TSS above 68, having drained weight percentage above 55%. The higher TSS of sugar syrup makes longer self-life of UNATI Amla Murabba.
In traditional Murabba preparations to reduce the cost of production syrup of lower TSS ranging between 55-60 are supplied, which start fermenting after few days and reduces its shelf life. So when you buy this Murabba you will observe a foul smell and it is advised by shopkeeper to consume the fruit after washing of fruit. Where you will observe a nice fruity fragrance and taste as you are consuming fresh Amla fruit in UNATI Amla Murabba.
Ingredients: Amla Fruit, sugar
Nutritional information per 100 g
1. Carbohydrates 70.5 g
2. Energy 282.7 Kcal
3. Total Sugar 74.9 %
4. Proteins 0.0.30g
5. Fat Nil
6. Vitamin C 60 mg
7. Calcium 11.1 mg
8. Iron 0.25 mg

Packing : available in 1 Kg pet jar


1 Kg Rs 180

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