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Amla Candies

We offer different types of Amla Candies including Chatpata Amla Candy and Sweet Amla Candy. Amla or Dhatrifalam is valued very high among Fruits and Medicinal Herbs because of its multi-benefits, but it could not be consumed fresh because of its pungent and non-palatable taste so most of us remain devoid of its multi-benefits. We have brought Amla Candies to maintain health and vitality. Unati Amla candy is dehydrated segments of Amla processed in sugar and cardamom. It is manufactured with unique technology to retain maximum nutrition value of Amla. It is devoid of any chemical ingredient and artificial flavouring agent. Regular intake of amla candy does wonders to health.

Packing : Available in 500 g pet jar


Nutritional Information: per 100 g

Carbohydrates 85 g
Energy 341.5 Kcal
Total Sugar 64.74%
Proteins 0.27g
Fat Nil
Vitamin C 85.20 mg
Calcium 15.11 mg
Iron 0.55 mg


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Chatpata Amla Candy
Chatpata Amla Candy has tongue tickling taste. It has several health benefits like maintain good health and vitality. Chatpata Amla Candy is made using ingredients such as Amla Fruit, Sugar, Salt, Black salt & spices. It is processed in the hygienic condition and is safe to use.

Sweet Amla Candy
We bring forth Sweet Amla Candy very popular among the children. Our Sweet Amla Candy is made using handpicked Amla Fruit and Sugar. Its sweet-sour taste lingers in the mouth for a long time. Sweet Amla Candy also has several health benefits and is safe to consume.